Battery Relocation

Ok, here I will talk about relocating your battery to the trunk, Please 
note, this is what I did, and it works on my 97 Dodge Neon Sport automatic, 
your car may be similar or different, so don't blame me ;) before you start 
this, have approx. 17 feet of 4gague power cable, and about 6 inches of 
4gague ground cable. I used a 4 gague rockford fosgate amp power kit.
Also it would be a good idea to have a battery box or battery tie-down.

I apologize about the quality of my pictures, its a crappy digital camera.

First thing you have to do is remove the battery and battery tray...

Next, cut off the connectors for the positive and negitive cables (the bulky 
things that connect to the poles of the battery)

Next you will want to ground the negitive cables (there were 2 for me) to 
the frame... picture below shows..

Next thing to do is combine all the positive cables (there were 2 of these 
as well for me) to the 4 gague power wire...

The next step is running the cable through the car and into the trunk. for 
this, I ran the cable through the firewall, and under the plastic step piece 
on the drivers side, it just pops off like all interior pieces =). then i 
ran under the carpet, under the back seat, and under the carpet into the 
trunk (since the back seats fold down, it was fairly easy.. hardest part was 
going through the firewall... once in the trunk, keep the cable under the 
carpeting and to the back corner of the trunk or whereever you are going to 
mount your battery. I bought battery connectors from sears that work 
perfectly. For the ground, I have my battery in the corner, i cut the carpet 
and ran the cable directly to the first hex bolt i found that was closest 
and bolted to the frame. Here is a picture of my battery in the trunk, mine 
isnt secured or anything, but havent had any problems because I dont drive 
my car all that hard. You may come up with something different....