HP Racing Coilover Install

Ok, I know all of you who bought this "coilover" kit was told by the people 
you can install them without modification... well, this IS true, but they 
dont adjust and they ride like garbage...

For this reason, I wrote this how-to to make the total installation of these 
fairly easy and straight forward

First thing you will do is remove your struts and springs (I will write a 
how-to on that soon, but for now I will have to take for granted you know 
how because you are doing this mod)

Once you did that, you are going to be cutting... if you have air tools, you 
are lucky as hell as I didnt have my air compressor when I installed 
these.... if you dont, you will need a dremel and approximately *25* 
fiberglass reinforced cutting wheels (yea, it sucks they are tiny, but they 
cut metal the best)
If you have air tools, you will need a cutting wheel and preferribly a 
grinder... but cutting wheel will work as well...

OK on with the dirty work

Step 1: cutting off the pirches...

Rear struts will be cut below the actual pirch and above the weld... PLEASE 
USE CAUTION not to cut down into the strut shaft itself! just go slow... I 
actually didnt even go all the way through the pirch, I cut it as good as I 
could, then used a rubber mallot to do the rest of the work to take it 
off... works good....

Front struts, same as rear, but you cut above the pirch and below the weld, 
as opposed to the rear....

OK, now you have a load of struts w/ a bump of weld around them but no 
pirches on.... hopefully ;) wasn't that fun?

Step 2: grind down the welds....

If you have a grinder, you are lucky... this by dremel will take the 
majority of your cutting wheels.... you will want to keep grinding till 
the weld is gone or is even w/ the strut shaft... when you get low enough w/ 
the dremel, the weld will actually start to kinda peel off and become easier 
to cut, just bring it down even w/ the strut shaft....

OK, now you have nice n smooth struts..... how the hell does the sleeve stay 
on? well... I thought of a logical way..

Step 3: supporting the sleeve....

Notice the top of the threaded sleeve you can see the strut comin through so 
you know approx. where to mount the sleeve.........

As you can see its not fine art.. more of a picasso... but it REALLY does 
the job... people keep questioning it, yet i can rasie the car up (so struts 
dont come near to bottoming out) and take them on an auto-x ride pushing 
that car MORE then you will on any road... and many people are overly 
impressed... including Len Ayala (HE pushed my car in a parkin lot.. and did 
a nice lil burnout too.... heh) he suggested to auto-x it because of the 
nice tight ride....

Conclusion: I personally love these coilovers... I can adjust them from 3" 
wheel gap to approx 0" (i have the rears mounted a lil lower to even out the 

Thanks for readin... good luck!