Vinyl Eyelids

Ok, more how-to's... today i removed the black-outs w/ the painted eyelids 
and bought myself a sheet of red vinyl (available at any sign shop) to bring 
you people a how-to thats frequently asked for.

First, this was a fairly easy mod, not much involved.. but i'll do my best 
to go step by step rather than what most people say is get vinyl, and make 

First thing I did was pop the hood and remove the rubber seal around the 
headlight housing and used my dremel to shave down that bump sticking out of 
the headlight (used for aligning the headlight from the factory)

Next, you want to close the hood, so you can mark off your eyelid from the 
border between the fender and the hood, curve it down and have it meet to 
the front of the hood... give it a nice downward, evil look ;) here's a pic 
of the eyelid i taped off....

after you have your general shape, you are gonna want to put the vinyl on 
the headlight, and draw out your eyelid... you can now do 1 of 2 things, 
repeat the steps on the other headlight, OR, the easy thing to do, is just 
tape 2 pieces of vinyl together, and have one vinyl side up, and the other 
vinyl side down, so 1 is backwards... cut them together and you will have 
identical eyelids for each headlight... Once you have your eyelids cut out, 
line em up on the headlight to see how they look... once you like what you 
see, remove the paper on the side to reveal the sticky side, and CAREFULLY 
place your eyelid, starting with one corner, and smoothing it out as you go. 
if you are like me, you will have to pull it back up and smooth it out many 
times till all bends, crinks, and bubbles are gone =) here's a pic of a 
placed eyelid..

Once they are placed, wipe off sweat, and replace rubber seal to headlight

viola! you now have one mean ass neon ;) enjoy...