Oil Pan Gasket change
(Oil Pan Change)

Ok, saw some people wanted a how-to on changing the oil pan, and my initial 
thought was making this an oil pan gasket how-to (which is what we did) but 
instead of replacing the stock oil pan back in at the end, you'll install 
your new one.

Either way, you'll need a new gasket (they are always good things to 
change).. reason we changed this one is because of an oil leak and were 
hoping it wasn't the infamous HG death, so we changed the gasket..

First thing you want to do is drain the oil thats in it... hey look! is a 
pic of sp00ge hahaha (had to post it)

Once the oil is drained, (put the drain plug back in just incase) start 
removing the bolts for the oil pan... here's some pics of a few of the bolt 
places.. 13 in total just so you know...

Once you have all the bolts off (you will only find 12... its ok.. I'm 
explaining that now... there is one bolt thats a total pain in the ass... 
its stuck behind the front motor mount bracket.,. which is connected to the 
frame, tranny, and engine.. so here's what ya gotta do..

You see in the second pic that the car is up on "jack stands" (we used 2 
stock jacks as jack stands.. but it worked.. You will have to hold the 
tranny up with a jack so it doesnt move.. this was a pain, but if we can do 
it.. anyone can... we used one of thoes heavy duty few ton jacks and it was 
fine... there's a few large bolts holding it on (I think theres 4 total... 
3 are easy to find, and another is toward the top and hard to get at.. but 
possible =)

here's the oil pan and the motor mount bracket covering it..

Once you curse and yell at that stupid ass mount and get the bracket off, 
take off that bolt and wiggle off the oil pan... here's a pic w/ oilpan 

Well, once you got the oil pan off... scrape off any gasket that may (prolly 
will be) stuck to the lip and off your oil pan... here's our dirty oil pan:

the rest is just a reversal of the process of removing... replace the 
gasket, if you are installing a new oil pan, use it =) also change your oil 
filter, because you are essentially chaning your oil... so replace filter, 
bolt the oil pan on, replace the mount bracket (play w/ the jack to get the 
bolts to line up right) lower yer car back down, and you should be good to 
go! good luck, dont get discouraged heh peace!