Push-Button Ignition
(let pics load)

Ok, I know its been a while since I've added how-to's.. but now they are 
comin back, so lets get goin.. Here we will add a push-button style 
igniton. Why? hell, I dont know why I do half my mods on my car... mainly 
out of boredom and it was fun.

First thing you want to do is go to the auto store =) What you are lookiing 
for is a momentary on/off switch (the kind that does not stick, and is not a 
toggle switch) and it must have a rating capable of over 50 volts... the one 
I found at track auto was 60v rated.

Next is to crack the steering column =) 3 screws under the steering column 
and the top piece should come off easy, but the bottom half is tricky.. you 
are gonna need a small flathead to pry off the plastic piece where your key 
goes into the igniton, its plastic and pops off with some force, then the 
bottom half of the column comes off. (it was alot easier takin off the dash 
(hell it just pops off) and took of the plastic piece under the steering 
wheel and that 3rd plastic piece with the drivers side vents on it. with 
thoes off I had total access to everything easier) here's a pic...

Next I decided where I think the button would be fun to place, and I decided 
(since I have foglights, and cant put the switch on that panel) that I would 
put it on the other side of the steering wheel and on that 3rd plastic piece 
I mentioned earlier.. here's a pic of the piece

Next is to drill the hole the size of the switch...

Button on piece....

In the next picture, I took it after I tested the switch, and cut wires and 
such, so I'll explain it as deatiled as I can.... On the top of the steering 
column will be a bunch of wires all wrapped in electrical tape, you can 
access the wires elsewhere, and i'm sure people will tell me the same, but I 
found this to be the easiest location to access the wires without destroying 
my back, or having to get someone w/ smaller hands =) anyways, very 
carefully cut the tape (I used an xacto knife and just slit it and opened it 
up) and you should have a nice wad of wires, but there are 2 you are looking 
for... one is a yellow wire (in the pic mine is cut already.. (***NOTE*** if 
you still want to start your car with the key, just splice this wire and DO 
NOT CUT IT.. but in my case I did not want the key to be able to start the 
car whatsoever... because then whats the point in the button..) anyways, you 
want the solid yellow wire, and then the black wire with a white stripe... 
This wire is your ACC. wire.. DO NOT CUT IT!!!! you will screw things up, 
and that would be bad... you want to splice this wire only, I used some 
cutters to peel back the plastic cover of the wire and wrapped my wire for 
the switch to it. btw, I cut the yellow wire with a red wire (you'll see in 
the pic) and the black wire w/ white stripe with a black wire (you'll see 
that wire isnt cut, only spliced)

After you spliced the wires, your on the home stretch, the switch should 
have 2 prongs (on mine there were 2 screws).. all you do is connect one wire 
to one prong, and the other to the other prong.. and make sure they are 
secure, not touching each other, and blah blah blah... just be careful and 
make sure its secure... well, once your wires are connected to the switch, 
and the switch is in place, you can start to put your car back together... 
carefully , makin sure you are smashing any wires, and that its all 
secured... here's a pic of my installed button.

OK, now to start your car... turn the key to ACC (if you cut the ignition 
wire like i did, you wont be able to start it with the key anyways) and push 
yer button.. it should fire up, but you need the key in ACC to start it.... 
and your off!!! good luck to all!