Separating Turn Signal

Here I will describe how to separate the turn signal from the brake light. 
Why did I do this? I have clear tail lights, and wanted to make a seperate 
amber turn signal.. me and spooge came up with the idea one day to make 
"Clear Euro's"

Well, first step is to remove the steering column cover. There are 3 
Phillips screws holding it on (access from below column) Once this is off 
on the top left, you will see a white/tan wire, very easily visible on the 
top. you are going to want to cut this wire and tape it off so it doesnt 
short on anything..

Once that is cut, you are done with the column. Put it back together, and 
head to the trunk..

Once in the trunk, you will remove your tail light lenses via the 4 screws 
in the back, set the lenses aside, we'll use them later. What you will want 
to do is on the drivers side, fold down the carpet, and just fully remove 
the rear piece of carpet that covers the tail light backs and back of trunk. 
Once carpet is out of the way, you will want to go to the actual 
brake/turn signal bulb harness and cut the major wire (they are nicely 
labeled major minor and ground) make sure you give yourself some extra wire 
on the harness... you'll need it. in this pic, I left too little and was a 
pain when I needed it..

On the drivers side of the trunk, locate the connector for the 3rd brake 
light. you are going to want to splice the non-black wire (its white or tan 
i think.. cant recall the color.. you'll know which is ground, which is 
hot) you will want to run that wire to both tail light harnesses, and attach 
that to the major wire of the connector (the wire coming out of the 
connector, not the one comin from the car.)

now, your brakes should work normally... no turn signals will work tho, only 
brakes. What you are going to do next is cut the hole in your tail light. 
You want to make the hole just big enough for the light harness ( the 
harness I used was from autozone, just a round push in type and bought the 
amber bulb to match)

once this is in place, you will want to attach the ground to the frame(duh) 
and the hot wire to the old wire that used to be connected to the Major part 
of the original taillight. this signal only gives turn signal/hazard lights 
(which is what happened when we cut the wire in the steering column. and why 
we spliced the 3rd brake light...)

well, then you put your carpet back in place, cover your wires, and put the 
tail lights all together, you have a seperate turn signal, all that work and 
almost NOONE will realize that you did anything =)