Ghetto Wink Kit

Ok, weather is clearin up now, and more how-to's are gonna start to appear.. 
I promise...

What you'll need:

2 lengths of 10awg wire (as long as you need to reach the switch)
1 inline mini fuse holder
1 switch (preferred is a always closed momentary switch... but I used a 
normal switch)

Now, I know this is prolly the completely wrong way about doing something, 
but i've used it for over 6 months, and its worked perfectly so far... first 
thing I will explain is how my "kit" works... it only works with the 
headlights on, and it will just shut off one of em... the other kit uses 
relays and such and will work no matter if headlights are on or off, but 
like I said, my kit is ghetto, cheap and easy....

first thing to do is open the fuse panel... the bottm left 2 fuses are the 
fuses for headlights.. the one on the left is the drivers side, the one next 
to that is passenger side. what you want to do is pull the fuse of the 
headlight you want to wink and jam 1 end of each of yer 2 wires on each 
side... install the inline fuse holder into one of these wires in the 
middle.. here's how my fuse box looks like:

Ignore the green wire.. that goes to my solenoid in my door (my handles are 
disabled... shaving them soon) as you can see my wink switch is set up to 
wink the drivers side headlight... (told you its ghetto) anyways, what I 
did was run the wires up the A-pillar and set the switch at the top by the 
windsheld as you can see here:

the switch is always in the ON position, as to let the current go through to 
the headlight, when I want to wink my headlight all I do is flick off the 
switch and the headlight turns off.. then I just flick it back on... bam 
winky winky... its fun as hell, and works for what I want it for.... hope it 
helps you out too.. peace!